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About Agency Office

At Agency Office, we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers. We understand that the introduction of new software can provide the answer to some problems and make a business more efficient, but occasionally the total solution requires a little more thought.

The Agency Office approach combines an in-depth understanding of business processes, an innovative approach to linking existing software platforms together as well as a talent for developing custom software solutions. We deliver a truly personal service to our clients who come from a wide range of industry sectors and have a diverse range of IT requirements.

Agency Office was formed in 2002, with the first office based in the heart of the West End on Regent Street, London, UK. The primary focus of the company during the early years was to provide IT consultancy and software development to large corporate clients.

Since those early years we have grown in our client base, revenue and staff numbers year-on-year, and have expanded across Europe and the Middle East, to become a leading supplier of software to the property sector, whilst working on high profile projects such as the disposal of four nuclear power station facilities via an on-line auction. Our mission is to provide our clients with solutions that increase efficiency and profitability through streamlining and automation of business processes.